Featured In

A complete listing of articles, blogs, podcasts, media segments and special events Tisha has either been featured on, spoken at or has written for.

February 2024

Podcast Guest, Here’s to Almost with Rachel Lythgoe

January 2024

Featured Live Stream Guest, Her Bold Voice with Kim Boudreau Smith – “How to Simplify Your Life and Business, and LOVE It Even More!”
Featured Guest, Her Bold Voice Live with Kim Boudrea Smith

Dec 2023

Speaker, The Women 360 – When You’re At a Crossroads

Nov 2023

A Warrior’s Spirit – Becoming Wonder Woman – Podcast Featured Guest with Daryl Snow

August 2023

Trainer – WeSERV Real Estate Association – Build Your Brand, Boost Your Business
Workshop Trainer – USDA Natural Resources – How to Improve Your Focus at Work

July 2023

Podcast Guest – Community on Purpose with Mindy Jones

June 2023

Podcast Guest – The Influencer Podcast with Dr. Bill Willams
Podcast/Livestream Guest – The Master Connector Show with Cameron Toth and Steven Spiro
Featured Podcast Guest with Dr. Bill Williams – “Conversations About Personal Branding”

April 2023

Panel Moderator – Local First Arizona – Good Business Summit
Keynote Speaker – Build Your Brand, Boost Your Business – Gilbert Chamber Women’s Empowerment Committee
Keynote Speaker – The Grove Church Chandler – God Story
Social Media Panelist – Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Council Lunch

February 2023

Speaker – LinkedIn Local PHX – What I wish I knew back then…

December 2022

Keynote Speaker – C-Suite for Christ Phoenix – God Story
Podcast Guest – Connections, Collaborations and Community – How to Build Business Together – The Unicorn Connector Show

October 2022

Podcast Guest – Why Blend In When You Were Born to Stand Out? – Tandem Talks

September 2022

Podcast Guest – Investment in Yourself – Green Marker Activities, Shobi Solutions
Podcast Guest – Finding Your People – On the Schmooze Podcast with Robbie Samuels

August 2022

Podcast Guest – Authentic Badass Brand Building with Tisha Marie Pelletier – How to Pivot Podcast with Sharon Bondurant

June 2022

Speaker – Building Connections through Community – Local First Arizona
Podcast Guest – Hit Them with Them Good Vibes – The Mic Is Listening Podcast

May 2022

Host/Emcee American Marketing Association Spectrum Awards

March 2022

Meet Tisha Marie Pelletier, Chief Experience Officer & Founder – Canvas Rebel Magazine
Podcast Guest, She Leads Now, “How to Leverage Your Brand to Increase Your Impact and Income” Guest Speaker, Mesa Chamber of Commerce Women’s Council, “Purposeful Networking”

February 2022

Podcast Guest, Success Fundamentals, “Thriving in Business While Being a Mom

October 2021

Peaceful Prosperity Virtual Summit: Personal Branding Prosperity

September 2021

Podcast Guest: Tandem Talks with Carrie Bohlig and Craig ClicknerWhy Blend In When You Were Born to Stand Out

August 2021

Speaker, LinkedIn ReMastered Virtual Summit

July 2021

Host/Emcee, American Marketing Association 2019/2020 Spectrum Awards Ceremony

May 2021

Panelist, Evening with Women in Marketing, General Assembly

March 25, 2021

Speaker, Women’s Voices in Tech

February 2021

Panelist, Awaken the Why Within, The Why Institute Podcast Guest, Own the Microphone Podcast with Bridgett McGowan – Show Up As You Contributor, Tools to Help Increase Revenue for Small Businesses, Local First Arizona

January 2021

Podcast Guest, Listen by Jean Ginzburg – “Knowing What You Want Is a Big Part of Creating Your Brand

November 2020

Featured Guest, Business In the New Normal Podcast with Joseph Rosales
Featured Guest, Beyond Your Why Podcast with the WHY Institute
Keynote Speaker, Arizona State University Entrepreneurship and Innovation, “Finishing Strong”
Speaker, Mistress of Her Divinity Virtual Summit with Jacqueline Shaulis
Featured Guest, LinkedIn LIVE with Bruce Carnohan, #simplerfasterbetter
Featured Guest, LinkedIn LIVE with Annie Lieb, Living with Annietude
Featured Guest, PHX Business Radio X with Karen Nowicki “7 Ps of Personal Branding)
Featured Guest, EveryDay Leaders 50 in 50 Podcast with Melahni Ake

October 2020

Featured Guest, LinkedIn LIVE with Junette Caloroso, Build with June
Featured Guest, LinkedIn LIVE with Mary Fain Brandt, Bite-sized Tips for Entrepreneurs
Speaker, My Mom Makes Money Virtual Summit with Asti Atkinson, “Embrace Who You Are and The World Will Follow”

September 2020

Featured Guest, Just Get Started Podcast with Brian Ondrako
Featured Guest, Fashion Rewired Podcast with Brian Hill, PHX Fashion Week

August 2020

Contributing Author, ReDesign Your 9 – 5
Featured Speaker, Embark Behavioral Health, “Networking with a Purpose”
Featured Speaker, Social Pulse Summit, LinkedIn Edition, Agorapulse “Networking with a Purpose”
Featured Speaker, Mesa CARES Program, “Networking with a Purpose”

July 2020

Featured Guest, Pirate Broadcast with Russ Johns
Speaker, American Marketing Association, Purposeful Networking: How to Boost Your Business
International Speaker, The Professional Speaker Summit, July 5-9, Mumbai India
Featured Guest, Eat My News, India
Featured Guest, The Gifter’s Podcast:Your Story is a Gift to the World with Christopher Kai
Featured Guest, Humans of Mitti Ke Rang Podcast India and Live Stream

June 2020

Networking for Business Blog, X Firm PLLC
Featured Guest, LinkedIn Live with David Wilson, Results Staffing
Featured Guest, LinkedIn Live with Bruce Carnohan, Carnohan Process Solutions
Featured Guest, Check Your Game
Named one of Arizona’s Top 48 Greatest Storytellers, Quilted Stories – June 16, 2020
Video: Meet Tisha Marie Pelletier, Business Mentor, Speaker, Author, Branding, Business Grant – Parkbench.com
Featured in Phoenix Business RadioX “Pass the Mug” 3-year Anniversary Video

May 2020

Featured Guest, Lawgitimate Podcast with Rochelle Poulton
Featured Guest, Balance the Grind Blog, Australia
Panelist on Personal Branding – Droplets of Wisdom: Marketing Yourself Well, May 1
Speaker on Personal Branding – Business in the New Normal, The Performance Group of AZ, May 12
LinkedIn Live Speaker – “Personal Branding and Why You Need It,” with David McGlennen, May 19
Featured Guest – “Network Marketing,” Lawgitimate Podcast with Rochelle and Mike Poulton on Phoenix Business Radio X, May 21
Video Entry – “You ARE in Control,” Virtual Graduation Project: Speeches to Inspire Arizona’s Future Leaders, Inspired Connections, May 22
Featured Guest – “Scarred but Smarter,” One Last Thought Podcast with Ido Singer, May 25
Featured in Australia’s Balance the Grind Blog – May 31, 2020

April 2020

Keynote Speaker – “Finding the Sweet in Success over Struggle”, Digital Inspiration Summit, April 21-23
Speaker – “Networking with a Purpose – Cultivating Relationships On and Offline”, Sustainable Business Development Summit, April 28-30
Feature Cover Story, “Meet Tisha Marie Pelletier, Chief Experience Officer, Tisha Marie Enterprises, Shoutout Arizona, April 30
Featured dancer, Going Crazy Together Dance Video created by Jeff Moriarty to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”
Featured, East Valley Connect Live hosted by Sheridan Caprisecca and The Forum Chandler
Speaker – “Networking with a Purpose – Cultivating Relationships On and Offline”, Sustainable Business Development Summit, April 28-30

March 2020

Featured Webinar Speaker – “Develop Your Personal Brand to Stand Out and Grow Your Business”
Download Tisha’s Guide to Personal Branding Here

February 2020

Mentor – Phoenix Business Journal #MentoringMonday

November 2019

Featured Guest – Vulnerable You: Stress Unscripted Podcast

October 2019

One AZ Credit Union Mortgage Division motivational guest speaker on “Organized Chaos – How to Keep the Motivation and Momentum Flowing in a Changing Workplace” – October 9
Featured Guest – Valley Business RadioX hosted by Adrian McIntyre

September 2019

U.S. Department of Agriculture NRCS Division workshop presenter on “Professional Etiquette and Communication in the Workplace” – September 17

August 2019

Bank of the West ASPIRE Launch guest speaker on “Networking with a Purpose” – August 29

July 2019

Featured Guest – Get Published Podcast with Paul Brodie – July 3, 2019
Featured Guest – Ignition Point Podcast with Steven Miller – July 13, 2019

June 2019

Panelist – International Association of Women e-Chapter – Why Every Woman Needs a Personal Brand – June 5, 2019
Workshop Presenter – Health Businesswomen’s Association – Building Your Brand and Crafting Your Profile to Link to Your Network – June 27, 2019

April 2019

Keynote Speaker – Southeast Valley Regional Association for Realtors – Embracing Failure: How to Rise from the Fall – April 12, 2019
Guest Speaker – 8th Annual Arizona Women’s Conference – Developing Your Personal Brand to Cultivate Authentic Connections – April 13, 2019
Guest Speaker – Junior Achievement/ASU Preparatory Academy 1st Grade Class – Entrepreneurship 101 – April 26, 2019

March 2019

Guest Speaker at PHX StartupWeek – How to Develop Your Personal Brand to Attract the Right Audience – March 4, 2019

February 2019

Featured Guest on Phoenix Business Radio X with Karen Nowicki – Success Over Struggle and the Social Connect Business Happy Hour with Tisha Marie Pelletier, Ryan Parker and Vanessa Hintalla
#MentoringMonday business mentor with the Phoenix Business Journal – February 25, 2019
Featured Guest on HK3 News with Kyle Thomas – Startup Entrepreneur Strategy with Tisha Marie Pelletier

January 2019

Featured Guest on the Unstoppable Podcast with international business coach Jennifer Hardie – Tisha Marie Pelletier, the Interview

December 2018

Guest Speaker – Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals – Creating the Ultimate Life-Work Balance – December 7, 2018
Guest Speaker – CO+HOOTS Foundation Midweek Mindtweak – Will the Real You Please Stand Up? Cultivating Connections through Authenticity – December 12, 2018

November 2018

Guest Speaker – IGNITE Development Group Scottsdale/Phoenix/Chandler – Networking with a Purpose! – November 8 and 27, 2018

October 2018

Featured Guest on the Brand with Catalyst Podcast with Jennifer Maggiore on Start-Ups, Motherhood + Entrepreneurship: The Good, The Bad, The What The Fuck Moments – with Tisha M. Pelletier

August 2018

Featured Guest on #MarketingMinutes with Eva Janotta sharing tips on networking and marketing success

April 2018

Women’s Business Council, Tempe Chamber of Commerce Speaker/Trainer – How to network (and collaborate) your way to success online and in person, April 12, 2018
AZTV Daily Mix – Tisha Marie Pelletier Business and her April Biz, Besties n’ Brunch Event

March 2018

Featured Guest, Business Blast Podcast with Tyler Wagner, March 26, 2018
Women’s Collaborate and Connect Speaker – How to gain more visibility in your business, March 6, 2018
CO+HOOTS Midweek Mindtweak Lunch & Learn Speaker – Failing forward: Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Business, March 7, 2018
Featured Contributor, Productivity Hacks of 5 Female Founders – Meistertask Blog
Arizona State University #Startup Summit Speaker, March 17, 2018
Featured Guest, Episode 78: Unlimited Influence Podcast with Samantha Riley – How to build a business that fits you like a glove with Tisha Marie Pelletier

February 2018

PHX Startup Week Speaker – 10 Essentials All Startups Need to Kill It in Business
AZTV Daily Mix – Tisha Marie Pelletier and Mike Jones talk PHX StartupWeek, tips for startups and Tisha’s What Are the Odds book release
Local entrepreneur starts grant to give back to other startups – Phoenix Business Journal, February 1, 2018
Self Made Successful Women’s Event Speaker Panelist with Saloua Ibaline

January 2018

Meet Tisha Marie Pelletier of Tisha Marie Enterprises in Gilbert – Voyage Phoenix Feature, January 11, 2018

November 2017

“How to get over the startup entrepreneurial hump” – LogoJoy Expert Roundup featured contributor, November 9, 2017

October 2017

TEDx Emcee for TEDx Chandler Public Library

September 2017

El Dorado High School – Speaker

July 2017

Summer Self-Care Spa Retreat is the perfect blend of productivity and self-care – AZ Daily Mix on AZTV, July 7, 2017

June 2017

Mom Guilt, Comparison Traps, 7 Reasons We Feel Isolated – featured in Scottsdale City Moms Blog
Chandler woman’s award-winning company runs errands for residents – San Tan Sun News, April 1, 2017

April 2017

Chandler woman’s award-winning company runs errands for residents – San Tan Sun News, April 1, 2017(Tisha Marie Enterprises quoted after awarding Devoney Kelash of Chandler as her grant runner-up in January 2017.)

February 2017

Speaker at Arizona State University’s #StartUpSummit : 8 Must Haves to Thrive in Business – Arizona State University, February 18, 2017

October 2016

Speaker at Arizona State University’s #StartUpSummit: Creating & Manifesting Your Life’s Vision – Arizona State University, October 15, 2016
Gilbert entrepreneur seeks to help other female-fronted businesses – East Valley Tribune, October 9, 2016 (Duplicate article also ran in San Tan Sun News, October 2016 issue)
2016 KPNX Arizona Midday Coffee Talk Dates with host Destry Jetton (April 8, May 13, June 3, August 5 and September 23)

March 2016

Sage Advice Blog – 10 Tips to Prepare Your Business for the Summer Months Ahead

February 2016

Sage Advice Blog – Never Stop Working On Your Business by Tisha Marie Pelletier

January 2016

Speaker at Arizona State University’s #StartUpSummit: Failing to Succeed – Arizona State University, January 16, 2016

December 2015

Sage Advice Blog – My Top 5 Do Over List from One Entrepreneur to Another by Tisha Marie Pelletier

October 2015

Sage Advice Blog – Simple and Free Ways to Generate Buzz for Your Business by Tisha Marie Pelletier

July 2015

Mom-trepreneurs – Phoenix Magazine

April 2015

Sage Advice Blog – 5 Traits of Highly Successful Mom Entrepreneurs by Tisha Marie Pelletier

February 2015

2015 KPNX Arizona Midday Coffee Talk Dates with host Destry Jetton (February 20, May 8, June 5, August 7 and November 13)

October 2014

Who’s So Fancy? – The Valley Times

September 2014

Business Coach Phoenix AZ Front Cover & Entrepreneur Profile – Businesswoman makes inroads as a mother -Phoenix Business Journal, September 19, 2014

August 2014

Member Spotlight: Tisha Marie Pelletier, Details Event Management, LLC – Greater Phoenix InBusiness Magazine

July 2014

Is That Really Procrastination with Tisha Pelletier – Podcast with Nicole Bandes of Life System Organizer

April 2014

Parenting Segment with CBS5’s Nicole Crites (aired April 22, 2014) – KPHO CBS 5 Morning News
7 Mommy Entrepreneur Tips – All Things Mama Show with Nadine Bubeck
No Limits Radio Show Special Guest

March 2014

Calling All Mom Entrepreneurs: Popular Awards Competition Returns, Enters by April 4th – Scottsdale Business + Life Magazine
Organization Looking for Mom Entrepreneurs – East Valley Tribune
Mom Entrepreneur of the Year…courtesy of The Mom-e Club – East Valley Moms Blog
2014 Coffee Talk Dates with host Destry Jetton, Arizona Midday, KPNX Channel 12 (March 14, May 30, September 19, and November 14)

October 2013

Mom-e Club Offers Support for Mom Entrepreneurs

August 2013

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation We Help Women Webinar – 10 Things Every Mom Entrepreneur Needs to be Successful

July 2013

Gilbert Club Awards Mom Entrepreneur of the Year – Gilbert Breeze
A Mom-Entous Evening – Scottsdale Biz + Life Magazine
2013 Coffee Talk Dates with Destry Jetton – Arizona Midday, KPNX channel 12 (March 15, May 31, July 19, and October 25)

March 2013

Mom-e Club Supports Entrepreneurs – Tribune News, Holbrook, Arizona, March 15, 2013

October 2012

Contributing Author – Pink Lemonade: Sweet Expressions of Inspiration for Girls by Carey Grund

September 2012

Scottsdale Business + Life’s/The Mom-e Club’s Mom Entrepreneur’s Guide-to-Life Special Feature
2012 Coffee Talk Fridays with Destry Jetton – Arizona Midday, KPNX channel 12 (March 16, April 13 and September 28)

August 2012

How 3 Stay-at-Home Moms Balance Business and Family – American Express Open Forum Blog
5 Qualities Every Leader Must Have – written by Tisha Marie Pelletier, guest blogger for FloridaLeads.org

May 2012

Scottsdale Doctor Named 2012 Mom Entrepreneur of the YearArizona Foothills Magazine
Mom Entrepreneur Meets Challenge with Triumph – Liquis Design Blog

January 2012

Daily Dish Expert Segments hosted by Cathy Rankin- SheKnows TV – January 23 through January 27, 2012
Dedicating a Day for Your Children
Delegation Is Key when You’re a Mom-e
Setting Goals and Deadlines for Your Business
Developing Boundaries as a Work-at-Home Mom
Relieving the Mom-e Guilt
How To Segments by Tisha Marie Pelletier – SheKnows TV
How to Set Goals for Your Business
How to Create a Vision Board

November 2011

Profiles in Entrepreneurship: Tisha Marie Pelletier

October 2011

The Mom-e Club – Supporting Mom Entrepreneurs Every Step of the Way – Go Gilbert Magazine

September 2011

Mom Entrepreneur – Balanced Mom Magazine – National Association for Balanced Moms
Coffee Talk Fridays with Destry Jetton – Arizona Midday, KPNX channel 12 (September 16 and November 11, 2011)

July 2011

Tips to help ease the stress of working parents – Sonoran Living Live on ABC 15
This Little Parent Stayed Home – Toginet Radio Show with Ally LoPrete

May 2011

Are You a Mom Entrepreneur? – Baby and Toddler Instructions Radio Show with Blythe Lipman
Entrepreneurial Moms Are Never Alone – East Valley Tribune
A Peek into The Annual Mom Entrepreneur Celebration & The Mom-e Club – Arizona Midday, KPNX channel 12

November 2010

Mom-e Club Provides Support for Mom Entrepreneurs – The View, The Groves Report, The Gilbert Breeze

May 2010

Tisha Marie Pelletier: Celebrating Mom Entrepreneurs – Raising Arizona Kids
Mompreneur, an author and motivator – Chandler Republic

April 2010

Chandler AZ Mom crowned first annual Mom Entrepreneur of the Year
Becoming a Mom Entrepreneur- Arizona Midday, KPNX 12

March 2010

Tisha Pelletier – Mompreneur of the Month

February 2010

Gilbert Woman Organizes Mom Entrepreneur Competition – AZCentral.com/Arizona Republic
Five Things Mom Entrepreneurs Should Know – Sonoran Living Television Segment
Seeking Top Mom Entrepreneur – SanTan Sun News
Annual Event Crowns “Mom Entrepreneur Of The Year”- Nearby News
Mompreneur – The Toughest Job AroundBusiness Opportunities Weblog Network

January 2010

Annual Event to Crown “Mom Entrepreneur of the Year” April 17 at the Hilton Phoenix East

March 2009

Valley mompreneurs work the home front – Arizona Business Gazette

February 2009

Mompreneurs work to balance job, family – Arizona Republic
Mompreneurs in Gilbert – azcentral.com