Hi there!

I’m Tisha. An international speaker, business mentor, personal brand builder, author, social connector and mama.

After I gave up my corporate gig in 2004, I took the entrepreneurial leap and launched successful businesses doing all sorts of things like marketing, event management, and an organization for busy mom entrepreneurs, while starting my family.

I used all the experiences and lessons learned, and focused on doing the ONE THING that matters most to me…empowering and inspiring entrepreneurs like you to get out of their own way and


I want to make that happen for you, too! No more hiding. No more settling. It’s time WE DO THIS TOGETHER!

Are you ready?


“Confident. Witty. Approachable. Authentic with a touch of badass. Tisha is the type of speaker that can roll with the punches.”

With a love for the stage and inspiring crowds, I’ve been known to bring a level of fun and personality to my talks combined with powerful, practical tips. I’ve served as an emcee and speaker on numerous stages including Arizona State University, TEDx, PHX StartupWeek, nonprofits, high schools and my own platform hosting a Success over Struggle™  I love talking about:

  • Creating & Manifesting Your Vision
  • Build Your Personal Brand; Boost Your Business
  • How to Rise from the Fall
  • 10 Essentials Businesses Need to Succeed
  • Purposeful Networking: It’s Not About You
  •  And more…

In addition, catch my #tishatalks LIVE @ 10:45 am AZ time series weekly where I share tips on life,  business, lessons learned and introduce you to my connections.



As an entrepreneur, I get you!

I fully understand the excitement, overwhelm, frustration, and the countless sleepless nights that come with starting and running a business, which is why I’m committed to making sure your business is on track with the proper foundation and support.

I’ve worked with numerous startups and entrepreneurs to get them through those “stuck” stages in their business, and support them through my Dream It, Do It sessions, 1:1 Business Mentoring and Consulting, Personal Brand Builder DIY Course and Personal Brand Toolkit Done with You Programs.



In 2010, I decided it was time to share my story and wrote When the Universe Throws a Curveball to chronicle my journey as an entrepreneur and mom along with the challenges and triumphs I faced.

In 2018, I released the sequel, What Are the Odds? A mom shares her good, bad and what the f*ck moments in life & business, a very raw, real, and transparent book where I bare my soul and the many, many lessons I’ve learned. Taking it one step further and stretching myself way out of my comfort zone, I narrated my story and released it on Audible for your listening pleasure.

I’ve also co-authored and contributed several of my storytelling adventures in these books, too!



I’m not a big networker, but I am a social connector!

After attending a ton of networking events and receiving very little value, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and created an event designed to help people meet people again and build more meaningful relationships. I launched the Social Connect PHX Business Happy Hour in April 2018, simplified it in 2024, and have been hosting happy hours ever since!

Called a “refreshing change of pace,” Social Connect Simplified combines mixing and mingling without the excessive use of business cards or salesy tactics. In a nutshell, it’s good vibes, good people, and good conversations. In addition, I host Connecting through Community events and invite my network, their friends and family members to come lend a hand with me at local charities every other month. Join the community at SocialConnect.world below and get connected.


I consider the role of “mama” to be my hardest, rewarding and most important one yet! Mama to Caleb and Ellie, who are the very reason why I started a business, I’m extremely blessed to go through life raising these two with the same values I was taught…if you want something badly enough, you better go for it!

Elevate Your Business With A Motivational And Inspirational Speaker In Phoenix, AZ

Tisha Marie Enterprises, serving Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding area, is spearheaded by Tisha Marie Pelletier, a motivational and inspirational speaker renowned for her engaging and impactful sessions. Her talks are filled with practical tips, empowering insights, and an infectious level of fun. Tisha’s unique blend of authenticity and approachability has made her a beloved figure on stages across various platforms, including TEDx, PHX StartupWeek, and Arizona State University.

Business Coach Mentor and Business Management Consultant

As a seasoned entrepreneur herself, Tisha understands the rollercoaster of starting and running a business. Through Tisha Marie Enterprises, she offers her expertise as a business coach mentor, and business management consultant. Whether you are stuck in your entrepreneurial journey or looking for ways to boost your business, Tisha’s one-on-one mentoring sessions, consulting services, and personalized courses provide the necessary guidance and support.

Business Development Coaching and Business Consulting

With a focus on purposeful networking and personal brand building, Tisha offers business development coaching that goes beyond traditional methods. Her business consulting approach is designed to help you rise from the fall, build a successful personal brand, and create a vision that aligns with your business goals.

Tisha Marie Enterprises is a platform for entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and succeed. If you are ready to take your business to new heights, contact Tisha Marie Enterprises today to get started. Let Tisha’s expertise and passion for entrepreneurship be the driving force that helps your business succeed.

I love building meaningful relationships and learning how I can best support you. Let’s latte!